The Renovation 2004/2005

 Chapter 1:  Cabintops


Cabintop01.jpg (40835 Byte)

the papermodel

Cabintop02.jpg (39479 Byte)

the sides

Cabintop03.jpg (42401 Byte)


Cabintop04.jpg (56697 Byte)

assembly 1

Cabintop05.jpg (71487 Byte)

assembly 2

Cabintop06.jpg (52527 Byte)

the cut down of the old tops

Cabintop07.jpg (46317 Byte)

the new tops

Cabintop08.jpg (61404 Byte)

after the new painting

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Chapter 2: Decklifting 

By lifting the decks we got more freeboard and buoyancy, some 100 kg.

Decklifting1.jpg (43623 Byte)

Decklifting2.jpg (42396 Byte)

Decklifting0.jpg (52800 Byte)

Decklifting3.jpg (55232 Byte)

Decklifting5.jpg (45530 Byte)

Decklifting6.jpg (53738 Byte)   Please click on the thumbnails..  

Chapter 3: Tillers

The old tillers were in bad conditions so I had to replace them. Tillers of catamarans are bowed. To build 2 exact similar ones I  took 4 strips of 120/9 mm plywood glued them together and cut the piece in the middle length off.  

01Pinne_Rohlinge.jpg (55203 Byte)

4 strips of 120/9mm

02Pinne_Montage.jpg (61481 Byte)

Model: the old tiller

03Pinne_lackiert.jpg (50647 Byte)

the varnished tiller

Peter-Montage.jpg (91134 Byte)

the tillers are fixed by Peter

 Chapter 4: Beams & Bridges

I replaced all beams (120/140 x 60 mm), one more is mounted in front so the net is shorter now (same size of Tiki26) .The boat is wider now (+ 80 cm). There are 3 bridges, one in front 200x270 cm, main bridge 250x270 cm, tiller bridge 110 x 270 cm. 

Beam02 kl.jpg (63822 Byte)

the new beams

Beam04 kl.jpg (61863 Byte)

the lashings

Bruecken.jpg (57239 Byte)

the new bridges


Brueckenplan.jpg (22779 Byte)

the plan of the bridges




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Chapter 5: Motor-bracket

The motor-bracket is mounted in the middle of the tiller-bridge:

Motorhalter_Skizze.jpg (36660 Byte)

Motorhalter02.jpg (46388 Byte)

Motorhalter03.jpg (39312 Byte)

Motorhalter.jpg (60436 Byte)

Chapter 6: Trolleys

To get the boat out of the water I built 2 trolleys:

Trolley_Skizze.jpg (38193 Byte)

Trolley1.jpg (79261 Byte)


 video 900kb

Trolley.jpg (66583 Byte)

Chapter 7: Pod

For more comfort a pod with a lifting roof was built (140 x 200 x 70/120):

PodSkizze _1.jpg (53799 Byte)

PodSkizze_2.jpg (54571 Byte)

PodSkizze_3.jpg (38780 Byte)

PodSkizze_4.jpg (44206 Byte)


Pod_Unterteil04.jpg (41766 Byte)

Lower Part

Deckspod niedrig.jpg (69781 Byte)

low position

Im Slip 2.jpg (87049 Byte)

Deckspod hoch.jpg (70492 Byte)

high position

Im Hafen.jpg (81032 Byte)

Chapter 8: Test-Trip October 2005

Montage.jpg (69648 Byte)

at the Workum It Soal Marina, wonderful place

Peter-Montage.jpg (91134 Byte)

the tillers are fixed by my helpfull friend Peter

Im Slip.jpg (66451 Byte)

Im Slip 2.jpg (87049 Byte)

Im Hafen.jpg (81032 Byte)

Bugsprit kl.jpg (74452 Byte)

Pod-Port.jpg (59074 Byte)

Pod-Entry in low position

Cabin-Entry.jpg (63643 Byte)


Segeltop.jpg (76673 Byte)

Peter.jpg (66418 Byte)

Peter at the helm, thank you for your great help!

Aufgebaut.jpg (68136 Byte)


Montageplatzkl.wmv 217 kb

imSlipkl.wmv 314 kb


imHafenkl.wmv  395 kb




unterMotorkl.wmv  401 kb

unterSegelnkl.wmv 408 kb


dh 12-2004/2005