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 found in the boat-market of, and a sensational price had us driving to the Eemermeer in Holland on a very hot day in June 2002.

The Catamaran, a Tane (Wharram-Design) of the classic designs, was certainly more than 20 years old. But except for the cabintops the boat was in good condition. Because we had sold our  Danah/Tiki26, also a Wharram-Design, and because my private workshop needed a challenge we bought the Tane immediately.

The Tane - later called Tanenui - is a 28 foot catamaran in plywood. Like all Wharrams the hulls are V shaped. There is no deckhouse and all is designed simply but is full of genius. 

Different from the ordinary design our boat is rigged like a Dutch "flat-bottom-boat".   On of the greatest advantage is to be able to lower the mast by one person only. 

The hulls of the Tane are much more narrow than those of our Tiki26, so the space inside is restrictive. A little pod was designed  with a bunk of 120 x 200 cm. A second version is planned........

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