During the first season we tested the boat....


Because of the narrow hulls - promising high speed - the inside space is poor. But a pod of 120 x 200 cm was a the right solution.

.Pod01.jpg (33182 Byte)             Pod02.jpg (34888 Byte)              Pod03.jpg (55683 Byte)

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The solution was okay but not ideal ( too monstrous). So a second version is designed for the next season......



Veluwemeer2.jpg (76483 Byte)


images/FilmInFahrt.wmv 320 kb

images/FilmAmAnleger.wmv 180 kb

images/FilmCafePause2.wmv 200 kb

images/FilmFlugzeuge.wmv 320 kb

Veluwemeer1.jpg (56486 Byte)

At the end of the second season we brought our Tane home for being able to make a better working-job. 

Tane_im_Slip.jpg (41453 Byte)


images/FilmMastlegen.wmv 950 kb

images/FilmSlippen.wmv 900 kb

Tane_an_Land.jpg (49753 Byte)

Home in the garden the work can start...... 

.....even if the weather makes it difficult...

 dh 12-2004